Thanks to over thirty years' sector experience, Comal produces charcuterie products exclusively of the highest quality, made with the freshest, certified raw ingredients and using advanced technology that embraces tradition.

avant-garde technology

Technology has always been one of the company’s fortes. The state-of-the-art plants and complex machinery are designed by Comal’s in-house development division in order to guarantee maximum production capacity and exceptional product uniformity, in terms of both product sizing and quality.

Comal members have decades of experience in the charcuterie sector and this has enabled the company to develop and grow over the years on both the production and commercial fronts, responding to and anticipating the market’s countless different requirements.

high production capacity

The company at the moment avails a production plant of more than 40.000 square meters in Salara (RO) and from 2018 will have a further plant in Novi di Modena. The new centre, equipped with the most technological and avant-garde systems, will enable Comal to furtherly increase its production capacity.